Linda and Matthew Williams - Mother and Son Farmers....


Linda is a Registered Nurse of 30 plus years and has always had a passion for gardening, animals, and sustainable farming. Currently she is in the Texas Master Beekeeping Program as an Advanced Beekeeper.  In the past along with nursing she ran a CSA for 13 families for 3 years providing weekly vegetable baskets of yummy food for those families. Her love began with horses, go figure, and then spread to anything that moved that wasn't human. She is currently enrolled in a Dairy Goat Certification Course and has been working with our dairy goats for the past three years. 



"Matt" came along side his mother to help out with the "brute" strength on the farm then realized he  also enjoyed caring for all the animals; especially the cats!  After graduating from Bandera High School Matt started working for our local HEB. He has now been a long time loyal employee of  that company and fits his "farm duties" in around his shifts. He can also be found gaming on his computer a lot.





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