Your time is valuable. So is ours. So we need to make the most out of it.  We have found that there is such a demand for folks to come and visit we were not able to keep our farm business on track so we now offer farm tours to families, groups, and individuals rather than just having folks drop on by when they felt like it. We want to spend time with you and your family so you can catch that breathe of air and learn more about our farm. 

Call Linda @ 830-688-0560 to schedule a tour for your family or group. Depending on the size and time the cost will vary. 


A farm tour consists of you, your family or group meeting with Linda, the owner of the farm, who will take you on a guided educational tour of the farm. We are currently a small farm on 5 acres of land. You will learn a little about chickens, dairy goats, bees, and horses. Feeding the chickens and goats is always a hit along with holding some bunnies. We have horses to pet and feed a carrot too. For an extra activity you can even learn how to milk a dairy goat if you desire.  A camera is definitely recommended if  you have children!

For those brave individuals we do have suits we can don and take a walk into the bee yard and see the girls hard at work. We will open a hive so you can see inside and see what is happening in there. 


Adults - $10.00 per person

Children - $8.00 per person (4-16 years )

Children UNDER 4 years old are always admitted free of charge.

Feed for chickens, rabbits, goats and horses is included!

The tour takes 1 1/2 - 2 hrs depending on the size of family or group 

For groups larger than 5 the rates decrease

Adults - $6.00 per person

Children - $5.00 per person (4-16 years)

Children UNDER 4 years old are always admitted free of charge.