We are currently in the "setting up" stage of our farm as far as "farm tours" go.  We anticipate a "grand opening" for folks in the Spring 2019.

We are very happy to help educate anyone who will listen to us about animal husbandry! We offer small group tours to allow visitors the opportunity to have a great experience and answer their questions in a non-rushed atmosphere.


$15/Adult (18 and older)

$7/Children & Teens (4 - 17)

Free for kiddo’s under 4!


A farm tour typically lasts two hours more or less…..

Schedule: YOU MUST SCHEDULE A TOUR. THERE IS NO “SHOWING UP” on the Farm. Both for your safety, our animals welfare, and our own sanity.

Email Linda @ TexasFreshHarvestFarm@gmail.com OR Text Linda @ 830-688-0560. Our farm tours are typically on Wednesday mornings and/or Sunday afternoons. We teach classes on Saturdays so those days are all booked with other events. If you can’t make a Wednesday or Sunday call Linda and we will coordinate our schedules to see if we can set up a tour at a special time. We require minimum of 6 people over the age of four to host a tour. We will contact you the day prior if we do not meet that requirement and you can select an alternative date.

A typical farm tour will include :

Introduction and "hands on"  to the following animals:

Chickens, Potbelly Pigs, Nubian dairy and Boer Goats, Horses, Dogs/Cats, Turkeys and a walking tour through the Bee Apiary.

                                   "Learning Focus" for each animal group will be adapted for the type and ages of the group touring but could include things such as:

* know the mother, father, and baby names for common farm animal families (e.g, hen, rooster, and chick are all part of the chicken family)

* will know the sounds made by common farm animals

* will know what kinds of products we get from the farm animals

*Identify the basic care requirements for the animals with actual “hands on” to touch and see and feed some of the animals

*Fun facts about each animal group

“Specialized Tours” for those individuals who are interested in one animal species with training on the care of those animals for the Dairy Goats & Chickens. For care of the Honey Bees we have beekeeping classes.

Click on a “gray” date to see what events are on t he farm OR what day’s are open for Tours!