Gracie is a sister to our other Pot-Bellied Pig, Chen. Both were born 11/24/17. TFH Adopted them from Houston Mini Pig Rescue Organization. Gracie is mostly black with a little white on her forehead and white hooves. her snout and legs are pretty short and her body is pretty plump! She is the "shy" one and we are working on socializing her.



Chen is the bigger of the two, he is plumper and much more sociable. This one is all about the FOOD! He will do anything for you! Chen is all black. 


Our piggies favorite past-time in the hot Texas weather !!!!

Our piggies favorite past-time in the hot Texas weather !!!!


Houston mini pig rescue

Houston Mini Pig Rescue Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Houston, Texas that strives to educate the public about pigs and their needs, we work towards changing laws and city ordinances so that no person has to rid of their beloved pet pig. We advocate for pigs of all sizes welfare and enhance the human-pig bond. We focus on rescuing and rehabilitating pigs, we show abandoned neglected and abused pigs what love really is. We believe that every rescue animal deserves a chance at fin ding their forever home and will endlessly search for the perfect homes for the pigs in our care. We urge everyone to stand with us to make a difference in the lives of so many innocent pigs. 


Houston Mini Pig Rescue