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Managed / Leased Beeyard's


We provide honeybees to be placed on properties for folks interested in having bees but either can't or do not desire to care for the bees' themselves. Often people utilize the bees as an agricultural means  for reduction in property taxes under the Texas 1-d-1 Special Tax Relief program - commonly referred to as "ag exemption" or "agricultural exemption". In fact, it is not an exemption of paying property taxes- it is a different type of appraisal method used on a property to determine the tax structure. It is designed for smaller properties, 5 - 20 acres, where it is either impractical or cost-prohibited to do larger livestock or timber options.  Other individuals just desire to have bees on their property to promote the wellness of their land and to support the bee populations as they are facing challenging times these days.

Whatever your reason- we are here to help!

Learn More & Get A Quote

Please contact us for more information. After we talk with you to help you figure out your needs we will send you a draft copy of a contract for you to review. When you are ready just let us know and we will start the process of getting the bees out to your property!  CURRENTLY WE ARE DOING CONTRACTS ONLY IN BANDERA COUNTY AND PORTIONS OF KERR COUNTY BOARDING ON THE BANDERA COUNTY LINES.  

Thanks for submitting!

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