We receive wonderful feedback from our guests and clients. We thought we would take a moment and post a few of them so you can see how other’s are rating us!

“Wow, what an amazing day. We brought our Nuc home last weekend clueless, did our best to move it into the new home gently, today we attended Linda’s class. All I can say is I have no idea how much We learned today because it hasn’t all sunk in yet. But that being said, we inspected 2 hives and 3 nucs during the hands on portion of the class. We immediately came home and inspected our NUC for the first time with some assurance of what we were doing. In our inspection (of our nuc) we found eggs, larvae , capped brood, necture and bee bread. Oh and we found our QUEEN. They had consumed almost 2 1/2 gallons of sugar water in one week. So we are in the process of making more and we will fill our feeder and close it up for a week. Oh and neither of us got stung once today for those that thought bothers. If you get the chance take Linda’s class you will not regret one second.” Michael & Paige May 2019

“My husband and I had the best experience with bee keeping class with Linda. We have done several in the past years but none this good. Linda was extremely knowledgeable and covered various areas of beekeeper success that we had not received in other classes. It was not a rushed class and all areas needed to become stronger and have healthier hives were covered. I highly highly highly recommend a class with Linda!” Mistie March 2019

“We are beginning beekeepers and really needed this class. Linda is so helpful and did a great job teaching this class! Part of the class was on a PowerPoint and then we explored the bee boxes and other tools used for beekeeping. Then, out to work with the bees! She made sure every person had an opportunity to perform every step of caring fore the bees. Wonderful experience. Highly recommend this class if you are a beginner, it was very thorough! “ Lisa March 2019

“Linda, I truly enjoyed yesterday's class. So much information in such a short time. I'm really excited to get started” Penny March 2019

Oh, Linda, Jacob, & CJ!!! Big shout out and thank you for the AMAZING class Saturday! This past year has been a chance to finally begin a lifelong dream of raising bees, however, I became "paralyzed" when really facing the reality of my dream. Your beginner class was a refreshing opportunity to recognize not only can I do this, but I can have fun experimenting and frankly, it's not a "success only" (boy, isn't that a life lesson) journey, but an amazing opportunity to begin my dream with confidence. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all soon! Kristie March 2019