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At  Texas Fresh Harvest Farm (TFH) we have created a  "destination farm" to help you and your family take a breath of fresh air from the noise of the world to come and experience where quality food comes from. We value the experience along with providing education for everyone of all ages along with offering wonderfully healthy food source alternatives to the mundane grocery store setup. Put your hands on a dairy goat, run and try to catch a chicken or hunt for eggs, pet a horse, or take a walk through the bee apiary (in a bee suit of course!) and listen to the buzzing of the busy girls hard at work. 

We offer you the opportunity to try free-range chicken eggs- notice the different colors they come in and how bright yellow or orange their yolks are! Their taste says it all. Raw milk never tasted so good as from our girls - Naomi, Ruth, Midnight, Sue-Boo, and the others!  Raw honey is incomparable to what you find in the supermarkets or in bulk supply. The honeybee is in danger now and we need more people to understand their plight and support the local beekeepers as they are the ones who are working the hardest to save these precious creatures.

TFH also has created some "fun" times for you to learn more in-depth on what you can do with farm products outside of eating! Feel your brain begin to get stimulated, put your hands to use to learn a new skill, and take pride in a product you will make by attending some of our classes. We offer goat milk soap making classes- where you can make soaps that help keep your family and friends healthy and happy with the fun designs. Lotions are always a soothing welcome to our sore hands so we think you would like them also. Beekeeping is fast becoming a rewarding hobby for folks in the know. It can be a little overwhelming getting started without a little help. So take a class to catch up on the buzz of how to do it right the first time.




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