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TFH Farm fell in love with the Nubian Goat Breed as our choice of dairy goats. The long-eared lovely ladies are fun, personable, slightly loud at times, and all-around great tasting milk producers


We are working towards becoming a certified dairy in the state of Texas but until we obtain our own land we are limited to accomplishing that goal.


For now, we offer clients who are interested in purchasing stock in our goats so with that ownership you are able to reap the rewards of the products the "girls" make. Which include raw milk and manure. Please see our section on "herd sharing" if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.


You purchase a share in our dairy goat herd. You then pay a monthly boarding fee for a portion of the cost to keep the goats healthy and happy. In return for one share, you receive one gallon to one and a half gallons of fresh raw goat milk weekly. The amount varies according to the production that week. You also are entitled to come to the farm and “muck” some manure if you desire. Great for vegetable gardens and landscaping.