Beekeeping Consultation

Sometimes you need a little "more" than a class. Sometimes you have done everything you have learned and are still running into problems, Sometimes you just can't find the time in your hectic lifestyle to attend a class. Sometimes.... You fill in the blank.

Because of this TFH Farm does bee consultations at your apiary location. Linda is an Advanced Master Beekeeper in the State of Texas and working on the next level- Master.  Private consultations are very worthwhile and a lot can be accomplished in an hour or so. We address your concerns and questions and don't beat around the bush or waste your time.

Consultation Cost: $25.00/hour

Travel Expense: If greater than 20 miles from Farm a $10.00 flat fee. 

Some typical consultations we see often include:

1.  Setting your apiary up.

2.  Setting up your newly arrived bees.

3. Hands on learning for re-queening, merging hives, and splitting hives.

4. Doing hive inspections of your beehives; Reading the frames

5. Identifying problems you might be having in your apiary and offering the appropriate solutions. 


CG's "Bunkbed" hive stands !

CG's "Bunkbed" hive stands !

Setting Up your apiarY

Includes topics such as: Reviewing your landscape and special considerations as to where to place your hives. Reviewing access to your apiary for trucks. Directions to face the hive, Ensuring your stands are safe and your boxes level. Establishing your water sources, pollen feeders, and inspection of your hive boxes and equipment.

Brand new "Nuc" boxes to be placed in your hives!

Brand new "Nuc" boxes to be placed in your hives!

Newly Arrived Bees!

Your bee's are here now what? We take an inventory at your place to ensure you have everything you need for installation of your bees, Evaluate the effectiveness of your apiary set up. Help with the installation of the bee packets, nun's, or hives. Assist you in learning how to use your smokers, your protective equipment. Work with you to help you get in/out of your hives properly and how to do a hive inspection. Setting up of your water/pollen sources. Review first year's care of your  hive. 


Extra space caused this problem- We found queen on top-secured her- and cleaned up the top cover! 

Extra space caused this problem- We found queen on top-secured her- and cleaned up the top cover! 

Advanced Practices, Problems,Diease management

You have kept your hives alive and now you are moving on to having to re-queen, prevent swarms by making splits, or balancing out your weak and strong colonies by doing mergers. You want to understand how to read your frames beyond just identifying the various parts (capped brood, uncapped brood, honey, pollen, etc) We come out and assist  you with these procedures so you get more comfortable and will be able to do these tasks on your own with confidence.