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Ever watch a honey bee? Ever listen to the sounds of honey bee's at work? Ever smell a honey bee hive? Ever taste warm dripping honey from a honey bee frame?


We offer you and your family or group a chance to learn more about these fascinating creatures. You learn that over 1/3rd of your food (mainly the good & colorful foodstuffs!) would disappear if we lose our bees, how the honey bee affects other industries (medical, clothing, and many more), and how our floral industry could collapse if we don't take care of these "gals". Learn the social structure of a hive, the "work" of the honey bee, the pollination process, and of course how honey is produced!

Boy, are you missing out! Many folks are afraid of bees, have heard all sorts of misconceptions about the Africanized Honey bee, and are just plain lacking in the true actual facts about bees. At the same time, we are seeing more folks to become educated about the plight of our honey bees and taking actions to help protect them. Very exciting times in the bee industry!

Our Bees

Our Bee Yard currently consists of a combination of Russian, Native, and Italian Bee varieties. We are trying to diversify and help the area increase the gene pool to help our bees overcome some of the challenges of the varrola mite on our local bees. 


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