TFH does both Swarm Captures and Bee Removals

Swarm Capture: We ask that you snap a shot of the swam and text it to: 830-688-0560 so we can see if it is a swarm we can get to. TIME is important. Swarms come and go fast! Typically they are gone in a few hours to 24 hours.  There is NO Charge for TFH to come and capture a swarm. We will re-home the bees into our Apiary. We do suggest a donation of your desire to pay for our gas if possible.

Bee Removal: As these are more time and labor intensive TFH does charge for bee removal from trees and existing structures. We will come out at your request and evaluate the removal and will give you a quote on the cost. Minimum cost is $50 for first hour.

We are not builders so although we will carefully go into the structure if some wall needs to be removed etc to get to the bees BUT it is the OWNER's responsibility to do any repair to the area we work in. 

We are very neat and tidy. We do not leave big messes. References upon request


This was FUN! My first boat bee removal! To bad we were just sitting in a driveway! Those busy gals thought it would be a nice home in one of the storage/bait compartments. Unfortunately the owner did not agree! So I took the girls home and hopefully they are settling down into their nice new hive. July 2019

The client had an Africanized bunch of bees in their water turn off box in the ground. We had a wonderfully nice time removing them and their comb and brood. We found the queen even. We then cleaned up and left a very happy family who could now use their back yard! May 2018


This was a removal at the end of a few days of vacation in Port Aransas, a week before Harvey hit. The client was a friend of a co-worker of mine- so on the last day of the vacation on the way back home we brought back some extra bees!! Aug 2017



A visit to a friends house to remove a hive from a wall in an old shed.